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Lessons from Abroad

As a 45-year-old person in the dive business, I think I will scream if I hear another person say, "well, that's how we used to do it," "that's how we've always done it" or, the best yet, "back in the…
Susan Long
November 6, 2012
As I See ItOpinion

The Fairness Tax

I am not a fan of higher taxes. I believe that the more of our money we get to keep, the more we spend, so more people work, which keeps the economy working … which then produces more personal and…
Mark Young
December 7, 2009
As I See ItOpinion

The Truth? You Can Buy Publicity

As a small-town newspaper publisher, I read Patricia Luebke's article in the last edition of Dive Center Business. For those who didn't read it, the article was about how to get publicity for your store in your local media. After…
Mark Vasto
February 1, 2009